Let’s take time out for some fun!

1.  Play Bead Amaze to create a traditional aboriginal pattern or your own.  A great way to develop your spatial and logical-mathematical intelligences.  How might you use this skill?

2.  Click on the culture areas to find the region where Anishinabe, Haudenosaunee, and Mi’kmaq are all found.  Scroll down to comments for  the answer.

3.  Try the quiz Who are the Haudenosaune?  Guess which question I got wrong (Clue:  next game)?

4.  Learn about the Haudenosaune clan animals and improve your concentration too.

5.  Download and create this informative cruncher in wild colors.  Tell me the meaning of “toboggan” for a surprise.

6.  Test your knowledge about the First Nations with the Turtle Island Game.

7.  Feeling creative?  Design your own tipi.

8.  This game is a must if your project is about the Longhouse.

9.  What is Canada’s national sport?  If you guessed lacrosse, then you’re right.  Hockey is our official winter sport, while lacrosse is our official summer sport.  Take a lacrosse quiz!

10.  Try your hand at archery with this Target Practice.  Challenge someone to a competition.


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  1. #2: Woodlands & Eastern Subarctic

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