Dr. Parsons’s Corner

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Camilla Grade 7 L’nu’k Portfolios


7 Responses to Dr. Parsons’s Corner

  1. Dr. Parsons says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am happy to be involved in your website and your learning. Ms. Kwan and I are good friends and I was even her teacher a couple of years ago. So far, your website looks great.

    In case Ms. Kwan didn’t tell you, I am a teacher who teaches teachers. A long time ago, I taught Grade 7 – so it should be fun to work with you.

    Dr. Parsons

    • Grade 7W says:

      Dr. Parsons,
      Thank you for your comment and offer to help us. We are delighted to have the opportunity for you to be our mentor on this special project. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our school. We have a question. Where do you get your information from when writing a textbook?


      • Dr. Parsons says:

        That’s a good question – I actually go to the library or the Internet. Before I could search Google, I used to spend days in the library reading and taking notes. It was not too different than when you are trying to find the answers to questions in your social studies or science class. I know what I am looking for and read until I find it. Often, in my reading, I find other interesting stuff.

        These days, I usually Google everything I want to know. Then I cut and paste from what I find and end up writing from these notes.

  2. Grade 7 L says:

    Thank you for supporting us in our learning. We are excited to be working with you. We look forward to your expertise and knowledge on Aboriginal peoples. Please come and visit our school.

    • Dr. Parsons says:


      Thank you for your invitation. I have actually visited your school about three years ago – you would have been much younger then. I hope to visit soon – I am always driving North from Edmonton on my way somewhere. So perhaps I will surprise you someday.

  3. X says:

    Greetings Dr. Parsons,
    We are very excited to work with you too. It should be very fun. No wonder Ms. Kwan is a wonderful teacher. It is because you have taught her. Thanks, X.

    • Dr. Parsons says:

      Hi X,

      I am sorry it took me so long to answer this – I have been looking on the site, but I didn’t see your note tucked right on the bottom of the page. I am sure Ms. Kwan is a wonderful teacher – but I think she was great even before I met her and taught her.

      I hope you are enjoying what you are learning – this is an exciting project.

      Dr Parsons

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