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Animoto is

a user-friendly web application that produces an animated slideshow. It is one way to share your evidence of learning in a multimedia format.  With Animoto, you can combine pictures, video clips, text, and music for your presentation.  It would automatically … Continue reading

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Identity Graphic Organizers By 7L & 7W on PhotoPeach

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Multiple Intelligences 2

Watch this video to see the progress of Key Learning Community in their MI journey. Originally published (4/1/2009) ©; The George Lucas Educational Foundation.

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Cultivating Multiple Intelligences

is one focus of our Grade 7 Social Project.  Multiple Intelligences (MI) is a theory of psychology developed by Dr. Howard Gardner.   Dr. Gardner believes we have different strengths that enable us to solve problems and create products.  The concept … Continue reading

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Primary Source 2

The header of this blog is a cropped image created by our famous Canadian artist Paul Kane.  This wonderful oil painting shows an Ojibwa camp at Lake Huron. Here is another photograph of the same picture.  What do you notice?   … Continue reading

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A Primary Source is

is an object or information from history.  The creator is directly linked to the time and gives an inside view to help us understand the past.   Some examples of primary sources you may come across in your research are: ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS:  … Continue reading

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The Inquiry Model

is the map to keep our research on track.  Here is my outline of key words.  First I scanned for the V.I.P.‘s.  Next I checked the model for additional ideas.  Compare it to your homework. Inquiry Model 1.  Plan – … Continue reading

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