Animoto is

a user-friendly web application that produces an animated slideshow. It is one way to share your evidence of learning in a multimedia format.  With Animoto, you can combine pictures, video clips, text, and music for your presentation.  It would automatically generate a show with animation according to your preferred speed.  You can select a background style from a menu.  Appropriate ones for our project would include:  water, air, earth, and fire.  They also have a selection of available free music which solves the copyright issue.  Unfortunately, you are not able to control the audio volume.  That means you need to manually adjust the volume of the computer.  Here is an example using your pictures randomly taken from our bank of artwork.

Please respond with a comment:

1.  How would you assess my presentation? Is it:

  • 5 – Excellent or Wow!
  • 4 – Proficient or Very Good
  • 3 – Satisfactory
  • 2 – Needs Improvement
  • 1 – Limited

2.  Think of criteria that we have established from the past. Please give me some feedback to help me improve my product.

*Here are some tips:  As my audience, what did you learn?  What message (think of our project outcome) did I convey to you?  Did the use of technology enhance or impede my purpose?

The students were extremely kind.  Most gave my example a 3 or a 4.  However, they also pointed out that I didn’t convey much information other than what the names meant and specific feedbacks as to how to improve my work. 

Ms. Kwan

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