Cultivating Multiple Intelligences

is one focus of our Grade 7 Social Project.  Multiple Intelligences (MI) is a theory of psychology developed by Dr. Howard Gardner.   Dr. Gardner believes we have different strengths that enable us to solve problems and create products.  The concept has gained global recognition for education.  It has been interpreted in different ways for teaching and learning.  Please note that we have adapted the MI approach to fit our own needs.

For the Three Year Plan at Sturgeon School Division, one of our priority themes is “embracing uniqueness.”

Indicators that Students are engaged in their learning are:
▶  Students are supported to set and achieve personal goals
▶  Students work collaboratively
▶   Students demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways
▶   Students strive to achieve personal excellence

Multiple Intelligences is a perfect match for student engagement.  At the start of this project, we created our own MI profiles using 2 internet resources as part of their IDENTITY study.  We examined how knowledge of our MI can help us achieve and improve the ways we learn.  With the different technologies available, we explored various options to represent or communicate our understanding.  Since we have different preferences, it makes sense to collaborate and share our strengths to maximize our products and productivity.  We filled out the Project Proposal as a guide to plan and set our project goals.  Students are encouraged to make changes.  It is the process of improvement that enriches our learning.

Originally published (4/11/2002) ©; The George Lucas Educational Foundation.

Reference:  Sturgeon School Division, Three Year Plan and Results Report (2010-2013)

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