The Inquiry Model

is the map to keep our research on track.  Here is my outline of key words.  First I scanned for the V.I.P.‘s.  Next I checked the model for additional ideas.  Compare it to your homework.

Inquiry Model

1.  Plan – revise (work in progress)

  • topic, questions,
  • information sources
  • audience, communicate product
  • indicators, establish criteria

2.  Retrieve

  • locate, collect information
  • select, useful
  • verify

3.  Process

  • establish focus
  • formulate questions (helps stay relevant)
  • identify connections, patterns, and gaps
  • extend (add)

4.  Create and share

  • organize
  • draw conclusions, answer questions
  • product, present (suitable)
  • revise, edit
  • create and share

*5.  Reflect (do throughout, 1-4)

  • improve, changes
  • monitor, learning, feeling

Remember, we don’t need to use the same key words!


Adapted from Our Canada:  Origins, Peoples, Perspectives (textbook, Nelson)

For more information about inquiry learning, visit our wiki to watch an excellent video by Calgary Science School.

Ms. Kwan

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