Outlining with Key Words

is not only a useful writing strategy.  Other than organizing the ideas, it is a great way to improve your understanding of the topic.

Let’s review:

1.  Before starting, scan your reading and break the information into chunks.  Read the headings (These are your friends!) and graphic images (pictures, graphs, tables etc.) to get some quick information about what you will read.

2.  Prepare your mind to connect.  Ask yourself, “What do I already know about this topic?  What words and ideas will I read?”

3.  Now read the chunks and jot down the key words for the V.I.P.s or the Very Important Points.  If you have trouble, read it again!

4.  Once done, retell the ideas in your own words using the outline of key words.  Do this at least twice.

5.  Listen to yourself and ask:  “Does it make sense?”  (DIMS?)  Make needed changes.

Ms. Kwan

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Camilla Grade 7 L’nu’k Portfolios

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