Our Project Proposal

outlines the questions that frame your project.  As Sarah reminds us, our learning is “never” done.  Please check our Project Proposal from time to time, since we will be making changes as we re-think our learning.  (Hey, I need to improve my teaching too!)  Click here for your hard copy to type on:  Gr. 7 Project Proposal.   Remember to save your revisions in a folder for reference.

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Camilla Grade 7 L’nu’k Portfolios

Grade 7 Social Studies: Aboriginal Study Project Proposal

In May, 2011, we will celebrate Education Week with our L’nu’k Student Expo.         As presenters in this interactive museum, we will share and provide evidence of our learning and collaboration through various appropriate mediums.

Learning Outcome: I can understand and appreciate how the identities of our First Nations shaped the history of Canada.

Big Ideas

  • What is identity?
  • How can we participate as active citizens in our pluralistic society?
  • Is inquiry an important process?

1.  State your topic sentence.

*2.  What are some open questions you have about this topic?

3.  Give a brief description of your project:  (End product: writing, pictures, etc.)

*4. How does your project relate to our learning outcomes?  (As evidence of your learning, mode of communication, technology)

*5. Explain your reasoning:  Why are you considering doing the project this way?  (Self-knowledge, skills, strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc.)

6. Who is your target audience?

*7.  What are your intended messages?  (3 or less;  So what?)

8.  Who are your team members?

9.  List the responsibilities?  (Who does what, when, and how?)

10.  What are some potential challenges?  What are some possible solutions?  (Outsourcing, bartering etc.)

11.  What is your action plan?  (Timeline, calendar, chart, etc.)

*12.  List at least 5 credible resources you will use: (Boldface – at least 1 primary source)

*13.  Establish project criteria with your team.  Present it to class.

14.  Who are some possible assessors to help you improve the project?

*15.  Brainstorm ways to make your presentation unique:

*Celebration!  Think of a great name for your display:

Ms. Kwan

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