Welcome! L’nu’k

means “the people” in Mi’kmaq.  In our study of the First Nations, we will focus mainly on the heritage of the Haudenosaunee, Mi’kmaq, and Anishinabe societies.

As each of us research  our topic of interest, we will bring our ideas together to make a bigger picture.  We can then better appreciate how the unique identities of our First Nations (traditions, symbols, and social structures) helped to shape Canada.

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Camilla Grade 7 L’nu’k Portfolios

The purpose of this blog is to make teaching and learning transparent to you; to help you make sense.  Your feedback will be most important.  Also this is a space to invite local and global perspectives and suggestions to guide our journey.  Let’s remember to be thoughtful and respectful in our responses.  Remember:  We agreed that there are no dumb questions, but it is “dumb” to be rude!

Let’s open our study with the  beautiful rendition of O’Canada in Mi’kmaq by 10 year old Kaolin Johnson posted on youtube.  Doesn’t make you feel proud to be Canadian? 

Ms. Kwan

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